Youtube to Mp3 Converter Script

Easily embed YouTube and search using simple javascript

Youtube to Mp3 Converter

Tubemp3script is a simple script created using PHP and javascript for site developers who want to show music videos from youtube that is equipped with the mp3 downloader from youtube and video player look beautiful and useful, using tubemp3script will ease your work when posting the article with music videos from youtube.

tubemp3script also able to search with youtube API that you can easily use on your site, tubemp3script made very simple with the easy implementation, so anyone will be able to easily use tubemp3script.

Download Button and player

<script src="" ></script>
<script src=""></script>

$(document).ready(function() { 
applyplayer(); applysearch(); applysearchBox() });


Example Small

<div class="tubemp3" data-type="small" data-play="auto">

Example Large

   <div class="tubemp3" data-type="400x300" data-width="400" data-autoplay="none">

Search from Youtube Javascript

Youtube API is a registered service mark of google that we can use for various purposes on youtube, the youtube API documentation can be found in:
Here is the url of the YouTube API to search for videos with specific keywords,<keyword>&alt=<format>
And if you want to get information about a youtube video, you can use this URL<YOUTUBE ID>?alt=jsonc&v=2

if you add & alt = jsonc, then you will receive a response in json format that allows you to use Javascript and PHP. in the javascript I have added functionality to manage information from youtube API into a simple view on youtube search. you can develop better.

Search result in the Element

With javascript, to perform searches, you just need to add the following HTML tags:

<div class="tubemp3result" data-keyword="hotel california (cover)"></div>
Example Result

Search result using search box